Anton Skyba photography

The view to the Chernobyl NPP from the roof in the city of Pripyat, Ukraine

The landscape view to the cooling pond of the Chernobyl NPP, which is highly contaminated with radioactive elements, Pripyat, Ukraine.

The catfishes in Chernobyl cooling pond catch the bread brought by tourists

The worker of the New Safety Confinement is playing with his smartphone after the lunch, Pripyat, Ukraine.

Polish tourists have lunch in the canteen of the Chernobyl NPP, Prypyat, Ukraine

The worker of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone leaves the canteen after the lunch. To enter the building he's obliged to pass the radiation body control scanner.

The sign of the radioctive alert in the Exclusion Zone near Chernobul NPP, Prypyat, Ukraine

The view to Pripyat Central Park from the abandoned Palace of Culture

The eye-whee in Pripyat is the most photographed sight by tourists who visit Chernobyl

During one week from the catastrophe all the population of Pripyat was forcely evacuated. The apartments was looted after for metal crap and stay empty and abandoned for 30 years.

The pieces of radioctive equipment wihch was used for cleaning up the Cihernobyl NPP after the disaster has happened, Prypyat, Ukraine

The experimental Soviet radar "Duga", well-known as "The Russian Woodpecker" in Chernobyl exclusion zone, Ukraine

The "Russian Woodpecker" is 700 meters length and 150 meters height antenna which was supposed to detect nuclear rockets launches all over the world.

The protrait of so-called self-setttler Eugene Markevich, who lives for 30 years in the Exclusion Zone, Chornobyl, ukraine

The abandoned house in the Chernobyl town.

The portrait of so-called self-settler in Kupovate villiage in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

The wasted cooling tower near Chernobyl NPP. The construction has been stooped because of neclear accident in 1986