Anton Skyba photography

The local residents of Avdiivka are waiting for the opening of the mobile heating spot after it was hit by artillery previous night - Anton Skyba for CBC

The people are standing in lines for the food and humanitarian aid in the tent town in centre of Avdiivka.

The optional evacuation was announced in Avdiivka, but a lot of kids are still continue stay in town with their parents despite the night shellings

The local resident of Avdiivka says goodbye to his grandkid who evacuates the town with the parents

The residents of Avdiivka are coming to the warming tents to charge their phones and warmup

Almost 2 years after the signing Minsk agreements the residential area of Avdiivka is hit again by heavy artillery systems.

The worker is cleaning up the roof of the car parts shop few hours after the mortar hit

The house of 76 year old Valentina Pasternak was hit by Grad rocket recently. "Ive born when the war started and seems I'll die during the war" - she said

The 24 year old Nadezhda Volkova is waiting for the coroner after her mother was killed in Avdiivka, Ukraine

70 year old Anatoliy Karabaz shows the destruction of the apartment to police inspector.

The police officer shows the piece of the shrapnel in destroyed house. " From my experience its look like the element of 122mm shell" - he said.

Vyacheslav and Elena Karabaz are standing in their destroyed apartments in Avdiivka town

The remains of belongins of Ermolovich faimily in Avdivvka afterthe recent artillery hit.

51 year old Vitaliy Ermolovich shows self-made orthodox icon and the uniform he used in Afgahnistan where he lost his leg

The relatives of Vadim Ermolovih spend 3rd days attempting to find documents and belongings are usable for further living in the apartments in Avdiivka destroyed by recent hit

The volounteer medic from the ASAP medevac crew is jumping with rope near Avdiivka hospital to warm up

The Avdiivka Coke Chemistry Plant has decreased the production capacity to 80% and spends all the resources for heating the town

The portrait of Marina Marchenko, the teacher of the local school in Avdiivka is painted by Dutch artist Guido van Helten. "God protect Avdiivka" is written on the side wall.