Anton Skyba photography

The activists of blockade of Crimea standing on the crosswalk blocking the road for cargo transport. - Kalanchak, Ukraine

The truckdrivers of the blocked trucks spend their time in waiting the reaction of their bosses regarding blockade - Kalanchak, Ukraine

The activists of paramilitary patriotic group "Avtomaidan" block the road to Crimea near Kalanchak town, Ukraine.

The volunteer activist of blockade is cook the dinner for his squad in the field near Kalanchak town, Ukraine

The crimean Tatar activists listen to the concert in Chongar village. "Unbowed" is written on the T-shirt in the middle.

The city sign of Chongar village. The last settlement on the road to annexed Crimea in the area became the HQ of the activists blocking the roads to peninsula.

One of the activists of Crimean blockade creates a list of volunteers for night shift duty on the check post - Chongar, Ukraine

Volunteer activists of the blockade patrol the Chongar village during their night duty shift.

The activists of blockade cut off the sheep carcass on the eve of the celebration of the Kurban Bayram holiday.

Nariman, Crimean Tatar who left his house in Crimea after the annexation and joined the blockade immediately after it was announced.

Paramilitary activists and Crimean Tatars cook food in Chongar village before Kurban Bayram holiday.

The member of "Rights Sector" - radical paramilitary group in Chongar village

The activist of blockade of Crimea cleans up the check-point which was recently set-up by protesters. Chongar, Ukraine

The activists of the paramilitary radical group "Right Sector" greet their comrades from "Avtomaidan" movement who came to Chongar to reinforce them.

The activist of the blockade of Crimea forces the man to drop out the apples from the van because he suspects they're used for commercial purpose - Chaplynka, Ukraine.

The driver of the blue van is accused by activists in fact he carries to much apples from his own garden through the border to annexed Crimean peninsula. Chaplynka, Ukraine

The activists of the blockade of Crimea check the cargo truck which tries to cross the border with annexed Crimea, Chaplynka, Ukraine.